Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Socorro/Zamora Insignia by Matthew Gilleece (with Rich Reynolds)

The RRRGroup contends, as many of you know, that the 1964 Socorro. New Mexico event, witnessed by police officer Lonnie Zamora, was a Hughes Aircraft test of a lunar landing module.

New York resident Matthew Gilleece discovered a logo on a piece of equipment being sold on eBay that (very) closely resembles the insignia or symbol that Lonnie Zamora saw and drew for UFO investigators and the Air Force.

Here are Zamora’s drawings:



And here’s a common representation:


And here are images (found by Matt Gilleece) of the logo for Hughes Connecting Devices, an adjunct of Hughes Aircraft, extant in 1964:




Matt Gilleece will have a follow-up to his find, and we’ll have an updated posting about the Zamora sighting at our UFO web-site and here….


Anonymous said...

My sister was a student at the new Mexico Institute of mining and technology at the time. She physically saw the melted sand discs that the pads left behind. This was no test of a moon lander.

godscountry said...

Its hard to say ,what he might of saw if anything,heres a interesting test vehicle,look at the markings on the side [embossed]

Ben Moss said...

All wrong.The lander had no engine in 1964, a helicopter would have been seen, the landing pads were wedge shaped, the correct symbol was an inverted V with 3 bars through it.